Spend the Easter 2017 on the Giglio Island: 3 ideas for you

“Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want”: so says a famous proverb. In fact, for the Easter 2017 you are planning a short vacation to spend three days(Saturday April 15, Sunday April 16 and Monday April 17) on the Giglio Island.

Now you need only some ideas. We want to give you 3 ideas, very different and interesting, to meet the needs and tastes of all tourists.


Idea #1: 3 days itinerary

According to many people who have already visited the island, three is the perfect number of days to discover the beauty of Giglio Island. If you like this idea, we have just the route for you:

  • First day: Giglio Porto. A small and picturesque old town with a dual soul, tourist and commercial, another soul is much more traditional and charming.
  • Second day: Giglio Campese. One of the most important tourist resorts on the island, and overlooks a large sandy bay surrounded by cliffs and a tower.
  • Day three: Giglio Castello. The name comes from the impressive aldobrandesca Fortress overlooking the town and the surrounding landscape.


Idea # 2: trekking

This idea is recommended if you like sports, and if your hiking shoes or sneakers are the first things that you put in your suitcase. The Giglio island is crossed by 31 trails, among the colors of the sea and the Mediterranean sea.
In the spring, these trails will give you unforgettable experiences.


Idea # 3: diving

The item is sport. Exactly as in the case of the trails, even the dive site is no shortage of the Giglio Island. Some of the best divings are Secca dei Pignocchi, Punta delle Secche, Secca della croce e secca della Zampa di Gatto. There are davings of varying difficulty, so suited to the more experienced as the beginner.

It remains only a particular and then your Easter 2017 on the Giglio Island is really perfect. Here you can taste are the specialties of this period: crushes of Easter, Easter boiled eggs and Easter potato pancakes.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/lucalaz

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