Dogs on the beach in Giglio Island: there are 5 things you must know

Summer is forthcoming, the beaches are your perfect holiday and you want to spend this vacation with your beloved four-legged friend. The chosen destination is Giglio Island. But now you have just one question: which are the dog friendly beach of this place?

Well, there are five things that you should know:

  1. Usually from June 1 to September 30, dogs and other pets can stay on the free beaches of the island only early in the morning (until 7am) and in the evening (after 8pm). Instead, the bathing establishments have their own rules about dogs on the beach.
  2. The rules never apply to guide dogs for the blind and to search and rescue dogs.
  3. But, in addition to the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island, you have another possibility to enjoy the sea with your beloved four-legged friend: we’re talking about the several (and wonderful) coves of the island. But you have to be prudent because reach some of these places is quite difficult.
  4. Your dog must have leash and muzzle. Moreover, you must have the scoop to pick up the poop of your dog in a plastic bag.
  5. For further information (since the rules changes every year), visit Giglio Island municipality official website,


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