Diving at Scoglio del Corvo: discovering the sea of Giglio Island

The coves of Giglio Island offer all its visitors the opportunity to find hidden uncrowded and special places to enjoy the sea of the island. But they are also a great opportunity for all the divers. And this is just the case of the immersion at Scoglio del Corvo.


How to get there

Caletta del Corvo (a small cove) is on the southwest coast of Giglio Island (near Scoglio di Pietrabona, another interesting dive site), easy to reach both from Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese. Even in this case, the dive is along the walls of a rock just off the coast.


The dive begins

The dive begins along the western wall of Scoglio del Corvo. In the submarine walls of the rock there are several spectacular canyons and gorges populated by sponges, large yellow gorgonians, scorpion fishes, moray eels, lobsters.

At a depth of 35 meters, the diver will see real forests of red gorgonians, lush and colorful. Also here, it is not uncommon to see amberjacks, bonitos, snappers and, in spring, large ocean sunfishes.

Although the currents are sometimes strong, this dive is not suitable for beginners.


Some recommendations:

  • Prudence first, always
  • When it’s possible, dive with a friend
  • The equipment must be in good conditions
  • If you are a beginner, ask a more experienced friend or a scuba instructor for advice


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/shutterdreams

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