Giglio Island: diving at punta delle Secche

You choose the destination of your holiday depending on (if not especially) the underwater beauty of the sea: for you, there must be life and color under the sea. And  there is a place on Giglio Island that has all the characteristics you are looking for: it’s the diving at punta delle Secche.


Where it is

To try this dive site, you have to reach the northernmost part of Giglio Island: in fact, punta delle Secche is between capo del Fenaio and the beach of Campese (one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island). Given its location, the town of Giglio Campese is the ideal starting point to reach the site.


The diving begins

Near the coast there are some shoals rising from the sea surface. Reach them will not be a problem because the currents are never very strong. The most beautiful part of the dive is the west side, facing the open sea: this part is forty meters deep; the landslide and the rocks are populated by gorgonians, sponges, tunicates, anemones.

The night diving is only for the most experienced divers. At night, you can see the elegant Alicia mirabilis or Octopus macropus. Illuminating the inside of the holes, you can see congers and moray eels.


Some recommendations

  • Prudence first, always
  • When it’s possible, dive with a friend
  • The equipment must be in good conditions
  • If you are a beginner, ask a more experienced friend or a scuba instructor for advice


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