Hidden beaches and even more precious: the most beautiful coves on Giglio island

Giglio Island coves

You already know the most beautiful beaches of Giglio island. But the sea of ​​this island still reserves many surprises. Like its coves: secluded places, small in size, often little known. Authentic jewels set in the indented coastline of the island.


“Hidden” beaches

This is how, in fact, the coves of the island of Giglio could be defined. Because not very frequented but, for this reason, even more special.

  • Cala dell’Allume. It can be reached on foot from Giglio Campese, on the west coast of the island, in the middle of a small gulf. The cove is characterized by shallow waters and the rock that rises in the middle of the gulf is an excellent point for diving. The path that leads to the beach is also one of the most beautiful excursions to do on Giglio island.
  • Cala del Morto. It is located in the northern part of Giglio island, at a short distance from the lighthouse of Punta del Fenaio.
  • Cala Cupa. Another excellent diving point just below the Lazzaretto tower, near the town of Giglio Porto. It is a deep narrow cove with a pristine sea.
  • Cala del Lazzaretto. Compared to cala Cupa, it is on the other side of the tip of the Lazzaretto. The name derives from the tower that was once used, in fact, as a lazaretto. To be seen especially in summer, when the reef is colored by the blossoming of figs.
  • Cala Smeraldo. At the foot of the homonymous peak, always near the town of Giglio Porto. Who has seen it, and they are many, defines it with a simple adjective: wonderful. The name derives from the color of water, an intense emerald.
  • Cala Torricella. So called for an ancient tower that once stood here, on the tip above the cove, which is not far from cala delle Caldane, on the east coast of the island.
  • Cala dei Fiori. One of the less known and frequented coves of the entire island, but for this reason even more precious. It is located between Punta Torricella and Punta del Tamburo.
  • Cala Tamburato. In the southern part of the island. The name derives from the presence of rocks with a peculiar drum shape.
  • Cala Saracinesca. Not far from Cala Tamburato, in this case the name is due to the presence of a rock (which could be an excellent idea to do a bit of snorkeling) with the peculiar shape of a gate.
  • Cala Schizzatoio. In this cove there is a hole in the rock. The name derives from the noise that the sea makes when it breaks against this rock. From cala Schizzatoio, in the southern part of the island, a staircase carved into the granite leads up to punta di Capel Rosso.
  • Cala di Pietrabona. Here, in ancient times, the boats that had to be loaded with grapes from the ansonic grape were moored. From the cove, looking up, it is still possible to see terraces with this vine.
  • Cala del Corvo. One of the most beautiful bays of Giglio island. Nearby there is the homonymous rock. In the cave of Corvo, at the bottom, there is a small red pebble beach.
  • Cala di Sparavieri. Another little known cove on the east coast of the island, just north of Giglio Campese.


Beaches for children

Are you planning to spend a holiday with the little ones? In this case, the coves may not be the ideal solution, since almost all require walking on trails before they can be reached. Alternatively, you can choose one of the best beaches for children on Giglio island:

  • Arenella cove;
  • Campese Beach;
  • Cannelle Beach.


What to see

The beaches will be a fundamental part of your next vacation but certainly not the only one. Because there are also many other things to see on Giglio island, such as the town of Giglio Castello and the small island of Giannutri. Places that will make the trip even more special.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/7995026@N08

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