The most beautiful coves of Giglio Island: small and precious

You already know the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. But the sea of this island still reserves many surprises. As its coves: secluded places, small, often not widely known. Authentic jewels set in the rugged coast of the island.

Cala dell’Allume – You can get there on foot from Giglio Campese, on the west coast of the island, in the middle of a small bay. The cove is characterized by a shallow sea bottom, and the rock standing in the center of the bay is a great dive spot. The path leading to the beach is also one of the best tours of Giglio Island.

Cala del Morto – It is located in the northern part of Giglio Island, a short distance from the lighthouse at the tip of Fenaio.

Cala Cupa – Another great diving spot just below the tower of Lazzaretto, near the village of Giglio Porto. It is a deep narrow cove, with a pristine sea.

Cala del Lazzaretto – Compared to Cala Cupa, this is on the other side of the tip of the Lazaretto. The name comes from the tower that was once used as a hospital. A must see especially in summer, when the reef colors for the flowering of the figs plants.

Cala Smeraldo – At the foot of the tip, near the town of Giglio Porto. Who has seen it, and they are many, defines it with a simple adjective: wonderful. The name comes from the color of the water, deep emerald.

Cala Torricella – Named after the ancient tower that once stood here, on the tip above the cove, which is located not far from Cala Caldane, on the east coast.

Cala dei Fiori – One of the least known and popular coves of the whole island, but for this even more precious. It is located between Punta Torricella and Punta Tamburo.

Cala Tamburato – It is located in the southern part of the island. The name derives from the presence of rocks by the peculiar form drum

Cala Saracinesca – A short distance from Cala Tamburato, in this case the name is due to the presence of a rock (which might be a good spot for snorkeling) by the peculiar form of a gate.

Cala Schizzatoio – In this bay there is a perforated rock. The name comes from the noise made by the sea when it breaks the rock. From Cala Schizzatoio, in the southern part of the island, part of a staircase carved in granite that leads up to Punta Capel Rosso.

Cala Pietrabona – Here, in the old days, moored boats to load the grapes from the Ansonico vines. From the cove, looking up, you can still see the terraces with this vine.

Cala del Corvo – One of the most picturesque coves of Giglio Island. Nearby there is the homonymous rock. And in Grotta del Corvo, at the bottom, there is a small red pebble beach.

Cala di Sparavieri – Still a little known cove on the east coast of the island, just north of Giglio Campese.


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