The 4 colours of Giglio Island: the nuances of a perfect holiday

How many ways there are to describe a place? Several, obviously. And to describe Giglio Island, we have chosen a very peculiar way: its colours. Because this island is a real masterpiece.

  1. Blue. It’s the colour of the wonderful sea of Giglio Island. And sea means, inevitably, beaches, such as Arenella and Campese. If the beaches are too crowded for you, there are the several (but not so easy to reach) coves. Want to know what to expect? Here you have some photos.
  2. Red. It’s the colour of the sunset. Your holiday will never be complete without seeing, at least once, this kind of view. Probably, at punta di Capel Rosso you can see the most beautiful sunset that Giglio Island can offer you: it is the southernmost promontory of the island; the journey to reach it takes two hours by foot and about thirty minutes by car or motorbike.
  3. Green. It is the colour of the Mediterranean scrub. Hiking is the best way to discover the nature of Giglio. The paths are 31 and will allow you to see the most amazing views of the island, always between the Mediterranean scrub and the sea.
  4. White. Giglio Castello is the village in the heart of the island. On sunny days, the Rocca aldobrandesca and the medieval walls become white. And really, really impressive.


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