Christmas on Giglio Island, Tuscany: the nativity scene in the tower

Christmas on Giglio Island, Tuscany, is enriched by several small and precious moments. Such as the nativity scene in the tower.

The one of the nativity scene set up in the tower is a sort of small Christmas custom. The Tower of Saraceno rises in the heart of Giglio Porto, on a cliff overlooking the port. This round tower, built during Middle Ages, has been the silent witness of centuries and centuries of Giglio Island’s history.

Can you imagine a better location for a suggestive nativity scene? Every year, the nativity scene is realized by Francesca Avagliano in memory of his father Mario. Inside the tower, will take place the ancestral history of the Nativity: the cave, the shepherds, Magi, Mary and Joseph, Child Jesus.

Moreover, the traditions of Christmas on Giglio Island are several. The most important:

  • Panficato is a sweet prepared with figs, grapes, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, orange zest and wine.
  • The square dance is performed by Giglio Island people during the most important moments of the year, such as Christmas (indeed).
  • The underwater nativity scene is set up every year in the sea of Campese, one of Giglio Island’s most beautiful beaches.

If you need further information about the nativity scene in the Tower of Saraceno, you can visit Giglio Island municipality’s official website,


Image source: “Torre del Saraceno – Giglio Porto, Isola del Giglio – Italy – 12 Feb. 2012” di Horacio Arevalo – IMG_0215.jpg. Con licenza CC BY-SA 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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