Christmas 2016 on Giglio Island: 5 things to do to spend a special holiday

  • Published: 2-12-2016
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Christmas 2016 is forthcoming. It’s time for you to choose the destination of the winter journey that you want to make this year. If you like to spend a few relaxing days, enjoying the tranquility, well, Giglio Island is the destination for you.


Giglio Castello

The first thing to do is to visit Giglio Castello, the village in the heart of the island. For one simple reason: its atmosphere. Giglio Castello, in fact, is a Medieval village. During Christmas, its narrow streets and small squares will be lit decorated in a charming way, offering a unique spectacle.


The churches of the island

Christmas is a very religious moment of the year for the inhabitants of Giglio. To enjoy this aspect of the island, there are three churches to see: the Seven-nineteenth-century style San Pietro Apostolo (Giglio Castello); San Giorgio (Giglio Castello), a small temple near the homonymous spring; Saints Lorenzo and Mamiliano (Giglio Porto), built in the Twentieth century and named after the patron saints of the island.


Two events

These are two events that, over the years, have become real traditions: the underwater nativity scene in Giglio Campese and the nativity scene in the tower Giglio Porto. (For further information, visit Isola del Giglio municipality official website,


Culinary traditions

Giglio Island has a great culinary tradition. This island is famous (also) for recipes such as pesce in scaveccio, coniglio alla cacciatora, cacciucco and panficato. And all these dishes are to taste.


The most beautiful places

Giglio Island is a mix of dream beaches (which in winter offer wonderful views, especially at sunset), towers, lighthouses, cliffs and ancient villages. You can discover them with the itinerary of the most beautiful places of Giglio Island. So, you will see the best of a destination that you will desire to visit again.


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