Capel Rosso: diving between the blue of the sea and the red of the coral

As it should be, you won’t miss the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island during your holidays here. But for you the sea is even more beautiful in the depth. In fact, you have chosen Giglio Island also for its numerous dive sites. Such as Punta di Capel Rosso.


Where it is

Punta di Capel Rosso is the southernmost promontory of Giglio Island. The promontory is divided into two sides that cannot be explored during the same diving. Since the western side is less spectacular, these guidelines are about the eastern side.


The diving begins

Just below the lighthouse of Capel Rosso, there is a small cove where you will anchor the boat. Once you dive, proceed towards the open sea, reaching a landslide of large granite rocks, rich in life.

At a depth of twenty meters, you can see fans of Paramuricea that become larger and more numerous as the depth increases. At a depth of thirty meters, there are rocky ridges, populated by the presence of red sea fans, bonitos and Seriola dumerili.


Some recommendations

  • Prudence first, always
  • When it’s possible, dive with a friend
  • The equipment must be in good conditions
  • If you are a beginner, ask a more experienced friend or a scuba instructor for advice


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