For a holiday dedicated to relax: the beach of Giglio Campese

Campese beachIt is located near the village of the same name, “watched over” by the famous tower. And, between the beaches of Giglio Island, it is the largest. It is also a sandy beach with all the facilities you could wish for on the seaside. A place suggested for all those who want to enjoy a period of well-deserved relaxation. We are talking about Campese beach.

That of Campese is a beach recommended to those who want to sunbathe until sunset. It is located in a bay which protects it from the wind, so it is also ideal for a holiday with the kids. It is bordered on one side by the aforementioned Campese tower, on the other side from the scenic cliff of Giglio Island.

On this beach there are both a free area and an area occupied by the seaside establishments. To make it immediately recognizable, in addition to the tower and the cliff, also contributes to the color of sand, reddish. The spectacle of the sunset lights reflected on the sea is not to be missed.

That of Giglio Campese, is an easy accessible beach. The namesake town is very close. If for your holiday you decide to reside in one of the two locations on the island, Campese beach is well connected by bus service active throughout the year.


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