Cala Pozzarelli: discover (maybe) the best sea of Giglio Island

The sea is, perhaps, the main reason for which you will spend your holidays on Giglio Island. If these are the conditions for your trip, we recommend a place that is really good for you: we are talking about cala Pozzarelli.

Why should you visit this small cove? The picture that you have just seen is worth a thousand words. It is a small beach that is located at the end of a downhill stretch of coast. It’s really small but the color of the sea, blue and transparent, is second to no one. Cala Pozzarelli, along with cala dell’Allume and cala delle Caldane, is considered one of the most beautiful coasts of Giglio Island.

To get there, the most easy way is via boat. Cala Pozzarelli is near Giglio Campese, one of the three localities on the island. But, if you are not afraid to put on your hiking boots, we suggest (and strongly) to get there on foot. There is a path, not too hard, which starts from Giglio Campese and reaches the sea stack. Along the way, there are various beaches. One of these beaches is cala Pozzarelli.

And cala Pozzarelli is, so to speak, in good company. Because on Giglio Island there are other coves to see, scattered along the kilometers of rugged coastline of this destination. In other words, the sea of Giglio Island is a constant surprise.


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