Red veining on a blue sea: this is Cala dell’Allume

The coves of Giglio Island are among the main attractions of this place: small and precious places opening along the rugged coastline, small and special places that seem to exist only to be discovered by visitors. There are many coves like this. Wanting to choose the most popular, the name that comes to mind is one: Cala dell’Allume.

The beach – The cove is located right at the center of a small bay. The beach is shallow and the water is clear: you will have the impression of being in a pristine place. From the sea to the center of the cove rises a pierced rock, ideal spot for a dive.

Minerals – Maybe it’s the feature that makes Cala dell’Allume really special. The name comes from the color of the clayish rocks, which acquires tones by the alum. Furthermore, rocks and stones on the beach are yellow and red striped, colors that announce the presence of iron ore.

How to get there – Getting to Cala dell’Allume could also be a nice opportunity to take a short hike along the west coast of Giglio Island. From the town of Giglio Campese you head south. After a stretch of rugged coast (with a wonderful sea landscape), beyond the Franco promontory: Cala dell’Allume will appear just before your eyes.


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