Bus service: 4 things you should know to move around Giglio Island

Your ideal holiday must have one characteristic: moving around without car. And, as a result, your destination must have a good public bus service. Such as Giglio Island, where you can move around by bus.

  1. The route. Buses leave from the three main towns of Giglio (Giglio Porto, east coast; Giglio Castello, in the heart of the island; Giglio Campese, on the west coast) and will allow you to see the whole island. The main bus routes are two: from Giglio Porto to Giglio Campese and from Giglio Campese to Giglio Porto (in both cases, with a stop at Giglio Castello).
  2. Tickets. You can purchase bus tickets in newsstands, tobacco shops and ice cream parlours of the three towns of the island (Porto, Castello and Campese).
  3. Validation and validity. The ticket is valid for one route. It should be validated by the driver or by the control personnel.
  4. Timetable. Giglio Island bus service will allow you to visit the whole island even if you don’t have a car: there are several leaves throughout the day. For further information, visit Toscana mobilità official website, Tiemmespa.it.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/greenery

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