Bouldering: the thrill of climbing on the rocks of Giglio

Diving, hiking and snorkeling are some of the main sports that you can practice on Giglio Island. And there’s also another one that every year attracts fans and beginner from every corner of the Peninsula: we are talking about bouldering.

For the uninitiated, Bouldering is a climbing on the rocks by bare hands, a discipline born in the seventies that has had immediate success (something similar, in some ways, to free climbing). Those who practice this discipline for a while already knows that Giglio is a great place, both for experts and for the beginners who decide to try.

Giglio Island offers many opportunities for bouldering. But the best area is probably on the hill leading up to the Fenaio lighthouse, in the northern part of the island. To get there you take a dirt road that starts from a sharp bend just before arriving in Giglio Castello and leading up to the tip of Fenaio.

In this area of Giglio Island there is an ideal spot for bouldering: rocks are quite large and made of medium granite coarse grained, with shades ranging from red to gray. Furthermore, the rocks of this area are all in excellent condition.

Three recommendations before you begin your climbing on the rocks of Punta del Fenaio:

  • Always carefully evaluated your physical state;
  • Always follow the normal rules dictated by prudence;
  • if you are a beginner, let an expert or an instructor come with you.


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