Five boat trips during a holiday on Giglio Island

You know which are the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island and you will surely visit them. But the holiday is not over, this destination has still a lot to offer. And one of these five boat trips will give you the opportunity to discover the several beauties of the island.

  1. Giannutri. A small island that is only 15 kilometers from Giglio. It is one of the “classic”  boat trips during a vacation to this destination. Giannutri is worth seeing for its history and its nature, between small coves and the remains of an ancient Roman villa.
  2. Pianosa. It is a frazione (an administrative division) of the municipality of Campo nell’Elba, on Elba Island. The best adjective to describe it is far: far away from modernity, stress, noise. The most important places to see are forte Teglia, palazzo della Specola, chiesa di San Gaudenzio, the catacombs, the lighthouse.
  3. The tour of the coves. Cala Pozzarelli and cala dell’Allume are familiar to you? If not, these are some of the most beautiful coves of Giglio Island. Places which are, usually, quite difficult to reach. But not by sea: a boat trip is the best way to discover these small gems that are along the rugged coastline of Giglio Island.
  4. Promontories and lighthouses. Some of the most beautiful places on Giglio Island are great promontories overlooking the sea and with lighthouses on the top, some abandoned, others are still used. An example, just to give you the idea: Punta Capel Rosso.
  5. The boat trip of Giglio Island. Another classic trip: you will circumnavigate Giglio Island, usually with stops in the coves and in the most famous beaches. It’s recommended especially if you have short time to admire the island.

These are 5 boat trips not to be missed during a vacation to Giglio Island. And they depart from Giglio Porto and Giglio Campese: on the respective ports, will find all the information you may need.


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