Sports in Giglio Island: 6 paths for all the bike lovers

For you, holiday is a synonim of sport. And you never do a trip without carrying your bike with you. This year your destination is Giglio Island and, as always, you’ll bring your bike. You just need to know where to go and what are the best paths.

The trails that cross Giglio Island are many. But almost any on them is apt for mountain bikes. Many stretches are too dirt. But we can give some advices to all the bikers that will spend their holidays in this island. Six, in particular:

  1. The paved road from Monticello to Arenella beach
  2. The paved road Capel Rosso – Finocchio – Campese
  3. The paved road Cannelle – Cala dello Smeraldo
  4. Le Porte – Castellucci – Asfaltata Capel Rosso
  5. The road from Campese to Cala dell’Allume
  6. The paved road from Giglio Castello to Giglio Campese

These six paths in Giglio Island are not so long  or too hard for an expert biker. But better be prudent, because these roads are often steep slopes. So, before staring biking, we should give you some useful recommendations:

  • Prudence is the most important thing
  • Check if your equipment is in perfect conditions
  • Never overestimate your physical conditions
  • Always bring with you a water supply, especially on summer


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