An Afternoon in Giglio island: 5 things to do… if you do not know what to do

It’s something that can happen, on vacation. To spend a lazy afternoon. Because, perhaps, the main attractions of the island of Giglio, as the beaches and the towns, you have already seen them.

Condition of idleness from which you would like to try to shake. In this case, there are five things you could do. And they probably will introduce you to something new of Giglio island.

  1. A dip in Caletta del Saraceno. Among the places where you can swim in Giglio island, Caletta del Saraceno passes often, and unjustly, unnoticed. It is located in Giglio Porto, a short distance from the port, and is a small cove surrounded by rocks. There is direct access from the street.
  2. Two steps towards palmenti. There is a road that goes up from Giglio Castello to Giglio Campese. Beside the road there are small stone buildings: they were used by the island’s farmers for pressing grapes. It will be like a walk discovering the rural traditions of Giglio.
  3. The Giglio Castello streets. Surely you already know the Rocca, the Church of St. Peter and the perimeter walls. In the afternoon, return to Giglio Castello. Get lost in the alleys and narrow streets of the old town, taking in the ancient medieval atmosphere. You will get the feeling of stepping back in time.
  4. Towards the tip of Capel Rosso. This time you need a pair of good hiking boots and a great desire to walk. Starting from Giglio Campese, there is a paved road that winds to the south and, passing through the town Fennel, up to the tip of Capel Rosso. It takes, on average, a couple of hours to get to the southernmost tip of the island of Giglio and the same to return. The view will not forget so easily.
  5. Between legend and reality. Every legend has some truth, as they say. Perhaps, this is especially true when talking about the island of Giglio. The finest legends are five. An afternoon spent looking for the places and locations of some of them would be an afternoon extremely well spent.


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