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Giglio Island: 3 tips to organize a low cost holiday

The pleasure of visiting an unforgettable place must be the first thing. But without forgetting the question of savings. And to organize your next low cost holidays on the Giglio Island, there are these three tips you can follow.   Book the ferry journey well in advance. This is the very first thing to do […]

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Giglio Island in winter

Holiday on Giglio Island in winter: the 7 things to do

Giglio Island is not just sea, coast and beaches. It is a destination to visit and discovered throughout the year. And even in winter there are many things to do. For a holiday enriched by uncontaminated nature, total relaxation, and ancient traditions.   1. Villages They are Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese. The […]

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commemorazione San Mamiliano dei Turchi 2017

Giglio Island 2017: the commemoration of San Mamiliano dei Turchi

It’s been more than two hundred years since what happened on November 18, 1799. That day, the citizens of the island of Giglio did a great honor by facing an enemy in overwhelming majority. A story commemorated every year, always on November 18th, and so will be in 2017. We are talking about the history […]

  • Published: 6-10-2017
  • Category: Events
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Giglio Island autumn: 3 places

The Island of Giglio in autumn: 3 places that are simply magical

In autumn, the island of Giglio hold a special fascination: slow rhythms, tranquility, suggestive atmospheres. Are you planning a visit this season? Then, there are three simply magical places that will give that extra touch to your little vacation.   1. Capel Rosso point It’s the southern point of the Giglio Island. From Giglio Campese, […]

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The Grape Festival and the Open wine cellars 2017

Taste and tradition: the Grape Festival and the Open wine cellars 2017

The last week of September, on Island of Giglio take place a feast that has become an authentic, small tradition: we are talking about the Grape Festival and the Open wine cellars. Official dates have not yet been communicated but the event should be held on 28, 29 and 30 September. A wonderful opportunity to […]

  • Published: 8-09-2017
  • Category: Events
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