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quiet summer by the sea

A quiet summer by the sea? Your destination is Giglio island

Stress, work, the daily trantran: the time has come to stop to all this. You simply want to spend a quiet summer by the sea. Strolling, diving into a fabulous sea, eating well, enjoying absolutely slow rhythms. Here: we have just described Giglio island. We recommend you Giglio island to experience a holiday of this […]

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summer 2018 Giglio Island

Summer 2018 on Giglio island: 3 things to do to make the holiday special

Summer 2018 has arrived. Have you decided to spend it on the beautiful Giglio island? In this case, let us give some good advice. Three, to be precise. Three like things to do absolutely during a summer vacation in this destination.   1. Enjoying the events Every year, there are several traditional events that animate […]

  • Published: 11-07-2018
  • Category: Events
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Giglio Island lighthouse

The Lovers’ Lighthouse: a journey to a romantic island

The charm of the sea. Immersed in a pine forest that almost seems to inspire intimacy. While looking at the horizon, in the company of their own half. Giglio island is a deeply romantic place. As well as its lighthouse, known as the “lighthouse of lovers”.   The Vaccarecce lighthouse This is the old lighthouse […]

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Giglio Island events summer 2018

Giglio island: events scheduled for summer 2018

You will spend summer 2018 on Giglio island. Among a day on the shore of a wonderful sea, an excursion in nature and the taste of typical dishes, you would also like to know the events that animate the beautiful season in this destination. Here what they are.   The three saints Giglio island could […]

  • Published: 13-06-2018
  • Category: Events
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Giglio Island villages

Holiday on Giglio island: the 3 villages to visit

Three villages, three inevitable stages of a trip to Giglio island: small and picturesque villages, overlooking the sea or perched on the heights, with their quiet atmospheres, beautiful beaches at your fingertips and a story to tell.   What to see Giglio Porto. Small, picturesque, with its characteristic multicolored houses that overlook the sea: this […]

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Giglio Island rent a scooter

Scooter rental: your solution to move on the Giglio island

There are several ways to get around on Giglio island. However, you have already chosen one, which could be considered as the most practical and, in many respects, fascinating, because it will allow you to admire, while moving, the incomparable views. We are talking about the scooter and you want to know where you can […]

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