The white and the red: the wines of Giglio Island

The typical dishes of Giglio Island are many: cacciucco, palamita alla gigliese, tuna in oil, scaveccio  fish, pasta with fish. All to be enjoyed during a holiday on this island. But be careful not to commit a serious mistake: these dishes have to be accompanied by a glass of wine of Giglio Island.

The most famous are two: one white and one red.


The white

It is the king of wines of Giglio Island. Obviously we are talking about Ansonaco, a white wine, dry, strong flavor and by the almost amber color. It is also a wine with high proof, around 13-15°. It matches beautifully with seafood dishes, tasty soups vegetables, shellfish, crustaceans.


The red

On Giglio Island is also produced a red wine, known since the ancient times as the Giglio chosen. This wine is full-bodied, intense flavor, is made from different grapes, all coming from the Mediterranean coasts. Presumably, these grapes were brought to the island by the sailors who lived here or here used to rest before leaving.


The other varieties

These are the white and red wines characteristic of Giglio Island. But there are other vineyards that produces excellent wines, typical of Tuscany: Sangiovese, Malvasia, Trebbiano, Moscato.


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