The ancient walls of Giglio Castello: all the charm of history

While you’re comfortably lying down on the most beautiful beaches, or while you’re walking through the numerous paths, look up. Giglio Castello can be seen from every part of the island. And so its suggestive and ancient walls.


The origins

Originally, the walls that protected the fortress were built in the Medieval era by Aldobrandeschi. The majestic fortress was enlarged and reinforced by Pisani. This was also period when the fortress experienced its heyday.

During Renaissance, pirates started doing raids. Raids that continued until Nineteenth century: a succession of damages, reconstruction and strengthening. Then, at the end of the century the walls started to deteriorate.


The walls of Giglio Castello today

The walls came back to its original majesty during the first postwar. Its requalification continued also in ‘70s and ‘80s.

Today the town walls, which are about a kilometer long, enclose the entire residential area of Giglio Castello, included the Rocca aldobrandesca. There are 10 watchtowers along the perimeter of the walls, and the access to the hamlet is situated in one of the ancient gates.

Walking along the walls of Giglio Castello will let you feel the ancient atmosphere of this side of the island.


Image source: “GiglioCastelloRoccaPorta” di LigaDue – Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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