Tuscany: the 5 most beautiful legends of Giglio Island

The trails and the beaches are not the only way to visit a place. There’s also another way, more fascinating and charming. A way that will allow you to discover unexpected views. Where took place the 5 most beautiful legends of Giglio Island, in Tuscany.


1. The granite boulder

There are several legends about the birth of Giglio Island. The necklace of Venus is the most famous. But the legend of the granite boulder, that from the depths of the sea desired to see the sun, is the most tender.


2. San Mamiliano dei Turchi

The patron saint helped Giglio Island on November 18, 1799. The assailants Tunisians were attacking the island. The last, fierce resistance was set in Giglio Castello. Giglio Island defenders were “few in number and almost helpless”. But they repulsed the assailants. And they made it only thanks to the intervention of San Mamiliano.


3. La bella Marsilia

Marsilia was just sixteen but enchanted everyone with her beauty and her long bright red hair. At that time, pirates raided the coasts of Giglio Island. Until, one day, the pirates saw Marsilia and decided to kidnap and take her to the sultan.


4. The treasure of Monte Cristo

It’s become famous thaks to The count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. But the famous French writer was inspired by a very old legend. According to which the monks of San Mamiliano monastery hid a huge treasure in a cave on Monte Cristo island to protect it from Dragut the Corsair.


5. San Mamiliano and the dragon

The last of these 5 legends that took place on Giglio Island. And the protagonist is, once again, the patron saint. Persecuted by Emperor Diocletian, San Mamiliano landed on Monte Cristo island. But the island was the “lair” of a huge winged dragon.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/hik_kup

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