Summer 2017 on Giglio Island: 3 things to know to plan the perfect vacation

summer 2017 on Giglio IslandSummer 2017 has officially begun some days ago. And you are thinking of spending it on Giglio Island. To plan a really perfect vacation, there are five things to know.


1. How to get there

To get to Giglio Island, you have to take a ferry departing from Porto Santo Stefano, on the Argentario. On the ferry, you can embark a car, a motorbike or a motorhome. If you do not want to bring a car or a means of transport with you, near Porto Santo Stefano there are several parking areas.


2. Hotels, houses, B&B

On Giglio Island, there are three towns:

  • Giglio Porto, on the east coast, where the ferries arrive;
  • Giglio Castello, in the hearth of the island, an ancient Medieval village;
  • Giglio Campese, on the west coast, the most “wild” part of the island.

In these three towns, you will find several solutions to stay, such as hotels, holiday homes and B&Bs.


3. The beaches

The beaches on Giglio are the main reason (but not the only one) for which, every year, so many visitors choose this island as a destination for their holidays. In particular, the most beautiful are these five:

  • Cala dell’Arenella;
  • Spiaggia delle Cannelle;
  • Spiaggia di Campese;
  • Cala delle Caldane;
  • Cala degli Alberi.

In addition, the coast of Giglio Island is like a succession of coves: for example, we can mention cala del Lazzaretto, cala Smeraldo and cala Schizzatoio.


4. Moving around

  • On the ferries, you can embark a car, a motorbike, a camper or a scooter;
  • Or, to move around Giglio Island, you can use the efficient bus service that connects the various towns and the main beaches.


5. The traditional events

Giglio may also be called “the island of the three saints”. To each of them, in summer, is dedicated a traditional event:

  • San Lorenzo, on August 10th, in Giglio Porto;
  • San Rocco, on August 16th, in Giglio Campese;
  • San Mamiliano, September 15th, in Giglio Castello.

Three events that will make summer 2017 on Giglio Island even more special.


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