Giglio Island: a travel to discover the most attractive sea bottoms

Sea bottoms on Giglio IslandAn authentic, small paradise for divers and snorkelers. But also a great destination for people who only want to relax themselves, surrounded by nature. Its coastal area and these sea bottoms, some of the most beautiful of Giglio Island, are worth being admired.

Secca dei Pignocchi – It is located in Campese bay. The sea shallows have an elongated shape that runs parallel to the coast. Secca dei Pignocchi sea bottoms are full of life (corals, morays, ferrets, congers) and present  granite rocks that are forty meters deep.

Punta delle Secche – The northernmost part of Giglio Island, between Punta del Fenaio and Campese beach. It is characteristic for the spectacular underwater landslide that was colonized by sea fans, sponges, tunicates, anemones. Nocturnal diving is recommended.

Secca della Croce – Near Punta Gabbianara and Punta della Campana, a rock with a deep cross-shaped cut rises from the sea. The side facing the open sea steeply descends up to a depth of fifty meters. Instead, the side facing the island descends more delicately.

Scoglio di Pietrabona – In correspondance to the homonymous Cala. Not far from the seashore, Pietrabona Rock rises. Yellow sea fans, tunicates and worms cover the underwater rocks. Lobsters and inhabitant fish live instead in the canyons among the rocks.

Scoglio del Corvo – Along the western side of Giglio Island, near the homonymous bay. The Raven Rock (Scoglio del Corvo) is not far from the seashore. In the spectacular underwater canyons sponges, yellow sea fans, moray eels, scorpion fish, lobsters live. The intense blue of the sea around the Raven Rock is simply unique.

These are five of the most beautiful sea bottoms of Giglio island. Near each one there are very quiet bays and beaches, where you can comfortably lie down. But these are certainly not the only sea bottoms. And to discover the sea beauties of this island, all you have to do is book your ferry trip.


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