Giglio Porto: all the tradition of the feast of San Lorenzo 2017

  • Published: 16-06-2017
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Saint Lorenzo 2017 Giglio island

Giglio Porto welcomes many visitors every year that choose Giglio island for their summer vacations. Visitors just like you. And Giglio Porto is also the place where one of the most important traditional feasts of the island is held: we are talking about the feast of San Lorenzo on August 10th.


The feast

The true fulcrum of the feast of saint Lorenzo will, of course, be on August 10th. A day which follows a sort of small rite. This:

  • The procession in honor of the Saint;
  • The parade of the crews of the three districts of Giglio Porto (Church, Moletto and Saraceno);
  • The sea Palio;
  • The procession at sea in honor of Our Lady Stella Maris;
  • The musical performance in the square;
  • The evening fireworks show.

And not only this, because the feast of San Lorenzo will be much more: it will last a few days and there will be activities and shows for children, tasting of typical dishes and products, exhibitions and numerous other side events.

(The official program has not been announced yet.)


Not only Giglio Porto

The feast of Saint Lorenzo is held in the middle of summer and will be an unforgettable moment of your vacation. Holiday in which we advise you to visit, in addition to Giglio Porto, also the other two inhabited centers of the island. We are talking about:

  • Giglio Castello, located in the heart of the island, a country that still maintains its typically medieval atmosphere;
  • Giglio Campese, on the west coast, where the largest beach on the whole island is.


How to get

There is nothing simpler. Because Giglio Porto is also the harbor where the ferries to Giglio Island dock. The journey from Porto Santo Stefano takes about one hour. Once you arrive, you can walk to Giglio Porto easily on foot. Instead, to move to the other inhabited towns of the island (in summer there are some limitations for carrying vehicles on Giglio island), we recommend you to use the efficient public transport system.


More information

For more information on the feast of San Lorenzo 2017 edition at Giglio Porto (complete program, how to attend, any changes of dates), you can consult the official website of the town of Giglio island,


Image source: Di Lorenzo G from London, UK – Giglio porto, CC BY 2.0,

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