Carnival on the Giglio Island: the recipe of the Fried Flakes

If you are planning a journey to Giglio Island, you have to know that, as well as the wonders of this place, you will be able to taste several cuisine specialities. During the Carnival, for example, you have to taste a typical cake, delicious but even simple to prepare: they are the Fried Flakes. Let’s learn the recipe together.



  • 500 g of flour
  • 50 g of butter
  • Sugar just enough
  • 1 glass of wine
  • 2 yolk and 1 whole egg



To prepare your Flakes of Carnival you have to combine the ingredients above mentioned. You have to take a bowl and make the dough: you separate the yolk from the albumen and pour the mixture in the container. Then, add the sugar (you have to regulate the quantity, considering that, after the cooking, the flakes will be dusted of icing sugar), the butter, the wine and the flour. Work the dough until you will get an homogeneous mixture to roll out with the rolling pin. To cut, according to your liking, some small strips and weave them in way of to get the classic shape of a flake. Fry in hot oil and dust them with icing sugar. Now you are ready to taste these delicacies of the Giglio Island.


Typical dishes of the Giglio Island: what to eat

With reference to cuisine specialities, another unmissable date during your journey on the Giglio Island, it’s certainly with one of the best fish restaurants. The typical recipes offer a huge variety of combinations, all to taste.

  • La palamita in umido: a great classic. A good mix of fish, vegetables and wine.
  • La tonnina: the tuna is obviously the main ingredient, cooked in pan or matched with tomatoes salad typical of the Giglio Island.
  • Il cacciucco: a dish of house. A real must.
  • Il pesce in scaveccio: with sauce of raisins, garlic, rosemary and vinegar.
  • I totani ripieni: with a heart of soft inside of bread and mortadella.

We have revealed you how to prepare at home the tasty fried flakes but it’s useless to remember that you should not miss the originals. How? Booking your ferry to the Giglio Island.


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