Pignocchi’s sandbank: one of the most beautiful dives in Giglio Island

Mask, wetsuit and oxygen bottles are already in the car. And you look forward to do one of the most beautiful diving in Isola del Giglio, that not for coincidence you have chosen as the destination of your next holiday. And, believe us, Pignocchi’s sandbank is one of the most beautiful place for diving.


Where it is

Reaching Pignocchi’s sandbank is easy: it’s in Giglio Campese bay, one of the three localities of the island, on the east side. The starting point could be the Campese coast, one of the most beautiful beaches in Isola del Giglio. The sandbank is very close to the coast, so the streams are not a problem.


Let the dive begins

Pignocchi’s sandbank is very particular: it has a narrow and long form, parallel to the coast. There are big granite stones that are up to forty metres underwater. In the section between the coast and the 20 metres profundity you can admire the coralligenous habitat, which is colorful. Under the deeper stones you can find morays, forkbeards and eels that are not afraid to stay near scuba divers.

In general, it’s a simple dive, recommended to the ones who are not so expert or have never done a dive in Isola del Giglio.


Some recommendations before the dive in Pignocchi’s sandbank:

  • The prudence is the most important thing
  • If possible, try not to do the dive alone
  • Always check that your equipment is in good conditions
  • If you’re beginners, do the dive with an expert instructor
  • Ask your doctor if there could be any contraindication.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/shutterdreams

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