Mule track Porto-Castello: from sea to mountains of Giglio Island

The trails of Giglio Island are several, 31 to be exact, paths that will delight every hiker. Are you one of them and for you holiday is synonym for trekking? If so, we suggest a peculiar trail from the sea to the mountains of the island: it’s the mule track from Giglio Porto to Giglio Castello (or vice versa), one of the oldest “roads” of the island.


The trail
The starting point of this trail is Giglio Porto, where the ferry to Giglio Island dock. The first part of the trail is on a paved road. Then, once you arrive near the tower of Lazzaretto, there is a dirt path that arrives in Giglio Castello locality.

The entire trail is only 2,2 kilometers long, with an altitude gap of 367 meters. It is not a difficult trail. And you can walk from Porto to Castello or from Castello to Porto: in the first case it takes 48 minutes (downhill); in the second case, it takes about 1 hour and 18 minutes (upward).


Some recommendations before you go:

  • Never overestimate your physical condition
  • Several paths of Giglio Island aren’t suitable for mountain biking
  • The equipment must be in perfect conditions
  • Take with you a water supply.


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