The landing fee to get to Giglio Island: here’s what you need to know

To get to Giglio Island, there is a landing fee to pay. Here you will find all the information.


How much and how to pay

The landing fee to get to Giglio Island or to Giannutri Island amounts to 1.5 euros per person. This landing fee is applied to all ferry companies.

The landing fee is included in the cost of the tickets for the ferries to Giglio Island.


Who has to pay and how it will be used

The landing fee must be paid by all passengers of all ferries and boats from Porto Santo Stefano to Giglio Island or to Giannutri Island.

The revenue will be used for: collection and disposal of waste, environmental enhancement, maintenance, cultural promotion, and events.



These are the categories that don’t pay the landing fee:

  • Residents;
  • Students and commuters;
  • Persons who have paid the IMU in the municipality;
  • The staff of the shipping companies;
  • The staff involved in the ambulance services;
  • Staff engaged in the funeral procession, police and fire protection.

If you belong to one of these categories, you just have to fill and send us the application for exemption.


Limitation to bring a vehicle on the island

In August, anyone who is not a resident wants to bring a car or other vehicle must pay a 15 € fee to the Municipality of Isola del Giglio by postal order or bank transfer:

  • Postal order: n. 106583
  • Bank transfer – Banca MPS – IBAN: IT40Z0103072260000000026249

In the reason, they must be specified the number of the licence plate and the name of the owner. The copy of the payment must be shown if requested by public officials.


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