Gliglio Island: a [GALLERY] to view from above the pearl of the Tyrrhenian sea

Seeing Giglio Island from the sea is wonderful. But viewing from above will let you admire it in all its beauty. As these six photos demonstrate.

  1. Giglio Campese beach. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Giglio Island. It takes its name from the locality on the West coast.
  2. Allume cove. Giglio Island is coasted by small coves, protected and precious. Allume cove is one of the most beautiful. You can reach it from Giglio Campese.
  3. Giglio Porto. Of the three localities, this is the one where the ferries directed to Giglio Island dock. There’s still so many fascination in the fishermen village that it was once.
  4. Arenella cove. Another one of the most beautiful beaches in Giglio Island, on the North-East coast. On the sides of the beach there are numerous cliffs: the most famous looks like a turtle.
  5. Giglio Campese and the sea stack. You can see the sea stack near the promontory of the same name. The inhabited center is where the uplands goes up to the sea.
  6. From Giglio Castello. Giglio Castello, between the three localities, is the higher one. From here you can have a view on almost all the island. And admiring panoramas like the one in the photo.


“Aerial view of Isola del Giglio, 2006-06-04” di Sky Eckstrom – originally posted to Flickr as Some Island. Con licenza CC BY-SA 2.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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