Giglio Island what to do: the sixth stage is faro delle Vaccarecce

You really, really liked Giannutri Island, for its pristine nature and its wonderful, small coves touched by a turquoise sea. Now, it’s time to continue visiting Giglio Island: the next stage of this journey is faro delle Vaccarecce.

  • The lighthouse. The inauguration of the lighthouse was in 1850. Soon, two other lighthouses were built, the lighthouse of Fenaio (on the north coast) and the lighthouse of punta di Capel Rosso (on the south coast). The faro delle Vaccarecce is constituted by a rectangular building with an octagonal tower.
  • The “lovers’ lighthouse”. For the famous episode of the lighthouse in the novel Sorry if I call you love (Scusa ma ti chiamo amore), the writer Federico Moccia was inspired by the faro delle Vaccarecce. Since the publication of this novel, “lovers’ lighthouse” became the nickname of faro delle Vaccarecce.
  • Where it is. The ancient faro delle Vaccarecce is on a promontory near Giglio Castello: there’s a path that leads to the lighthouse.
  • Sleep in a lighthouse. It is one of the most romantic dreams, desire during any romantic vacation near the sea. The lighthouse, abandoned for ten years, was bought by a young Tuscan stylist in 2015. And the Tuscan stylist would like to transform the lighthouse of Vaccarecce into a charming accommodation.


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