Vacation to Giglio Island: 3 less-known villages that you should visit

You surely know Porto, Castello and Campese: they are the 3 largest villages of Giglio Island. But few people know this “little secret” of the island. The secret is this: there are three villages that you should visit during your vacation to the pearl of Mediterranean sea.

  1. Arenella. Inhabitants: about a dozen. Why go there, you may ask? There is a very good reason. In fact it would be enough to say just one thing to convince you: cala dell’Arenella, which is near the homonymous village, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. A great reason to reach this place north of Giglio Porto.
  2. Villaggio Grotte. Inhabitants: less than ten. It is located on the hills of the island, not far from Giglio Castello. To be exact, it is located along the road from Castello to Campese, on the west coast. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant walk, surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and of the sea.
  3. Spalmatoio-Ischiaiola. Inhabitants: about a dozen. Reach it by foot might be difficult: this location is one of the two landings of Giannutri, as well as one of the two beaches of the island. The town is small but it is a great starting point to visit Giannutri.


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