Holidays on Giglio Island: 3 great tours

Giglio Island tours

The situation is this: when you go on holiday, you don’t like the “canonical” itineraries but you prefer do-it-yourself journey, and discover the most beautiful places of the chosen destination. And since you’ve chosen Giglio Island as your next destination, we can suggest three different tours.


1. The tour of the coves

For many, Giglio Island means sea. Moreover, Giglio is chosen by so many visitors for its coasts, jagged and untouched, and for the blue and emerald shades of the water. There are all the conditions for a holiday dedicated exclusively to relaxation and unforgettable views.

If this is exactly what you expect from a holiday, then the tour we recommend is the one of the coves of Giglio Island: in particular, Cala dell’Allume, Cala del Lazzaretto and Cala Smeraldo are real, small paradises.


2. The tour of the towns

To be precise, there are three towns to visit:

  • Giglio Porto, on the east coast, the port where the ferries to Giglio Island dock;
  • Giglio Castello, on a hill in the heart of the island, has, still today, a really enchanting medieval atmosphere;
  • Giglio Campese, on the west coast, is famous (but not only for this) for its sandy beach, the largest on the island.

Giglio Porto should be the very first stage of this tour. Then, in the next two days, you will visit Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese, which are very easy to reach. You can choose to move by car, by public transport or, if you are particularly sporty, on foot.


3. Tour of Giannutri e boat tour

Giannutri is a small island located about 15 kilometers from Giglio. The reasons for visiting it? It is easy to say: you will find unspoiled coves and invaluable findings dating back to Ancient Rome. After Giannutri, you can complete the day with a boat tour of Giglio Island.


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