Trip to Giglio Island and surroundings: a five days holiday

Sure, it’s an island. But that does not mean that there aren’t other things to see near it. You only need to put yourself on a boat led by a tour operator. So you can discover Giglio Island and surroundings. Following this five days itinerary.


First day: Giglio Island

It is the starting point of your holiday in Tuscan Archipelago. The vacation begins with this itinerary to see Giglio Island in one day: Giglio Porto in the morning, one between Giglio Campese and Giglio Castello in the afternoon.


Second day: the beaches

It is, of course, one of the reasons for which you have chosen this destination. The most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island are Campese, Arenella, degli Alberi, Cannelle, Caldane. It’s difficult to see them all but you have to visit a couple of them at least, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.


Third day: Giannutri

It is located about 15 kilometers from Giglio Island. It is a small and still untouched island, a place that seems far, far away from modernity. Things to see in Giannutri are the coves, the lighthouse, the Roman mansion, the sea. To get there you can book a boat tour from Giglio Porto.


Fourth day: Elba Island

Another unmissable boat excursion from Giglio Porto. Only one day is not enough to see all the beauties of this place. The advice is to do a boat excursion that will make you see the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island, such as delle Ghiaie and Padulella.


Fifth day: Capraia

Among the three islands near Elba (the other islands are Pianosa e Montecristo), Capraia is the only inhabited. The homonymous town, that is at the feet of San Rocco fortress, is an ancient and suggestive little village.


In the evening, you will return to Giglio Island. Surely, you will be hungry. For you there are the typical dishes of Giglio Island, that you can taste in the several restaurants of the island.


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