Giglio Island: sacred and profane in San Mamiliano feast 2015

  • Published: 4-08-2015
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An event that combines sacred and profane. And not to be missed, if you’ll have the fortune to spend your holiday in Giglio Island during September. Because the 15th of this month will be the day of the 2015 edition of San Mamiliano feast.


The saint

Mamiliano was the bishop of Palermo in V century. He sought refuge in a convent in Montecristo to escape from the Vandals persecutions. When he died, the body was carried in Giglio Island, in the locality were Castello will rise up. But a group of Elbans and Genoeses tried to steal the body.

It originated a big brawl and the body of the saint was dismembered by the hands of the bickerers. Nowaday, people of Giglio island have just one arm of the saint, venerated as a relic.


The 15th September

It’s the most important day of San Mamiliano feast. It starts with the traditional Mass. Then, the relic of the saint, the arm, is led to a procession among the streets of Giglio Castello. During the afternoon there’s the “palio dei somari”, a competition between the four districts of Castello: Centro, Cisterna, Casamatta and Rocca.


4 days of feast

San Mamiliano feast lasts about 4 consecutive days. Four days with concerts (of bands or famous singers), square dances and firework shows.


More information

If you need more information about the 2015 edition of San Mamiliano in Giglio Island (complete program, eventually changes of dates, where the single events will be held), you can visist the official site of the municipality of Giglio Island,


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