Giglio Island, a place as beautiful as a film: 8 movies to describe it

The beauty of Giglio island has become proverbial. A beauty that over the years has fascinated several directors, attracted by its shores and by the special atmosphere that only here you can breathe. From 1939 to 2013, these are the 8 movies filmed on Giglio island.

  1. Piccoli Naufraghi (1939). War in Ethiopia. Thirteen boys board as illegal passengers on a ship bound for Africa. After the shipwreck, they will land on a desert island. As you may have guessed,  it is Giglio Island.
  2. La colpa di una madre (1952). Alma returns to Giglio Island after many years and after leaving in a convent her child, born from the violence of a fisherman. She comes back with her shady husband, embroiled in drug trafficking.
  3. Farfallon (1974). Directed by Riccardo Pazzaglia, some scenes of the movie were filmed on Giannutri island.
  4. Viaggio con Anita (1978). Directed by Mario Monicelli. Guido and Anita, the two protagonists of the film, make a trip on the desert Giglio island.
  5. Il sommergibile più pazzo del mondo (1982). The story of an unlikely group of sailors who must hunt down a US submarine.
  6. Mak π 100 (1987). A romantic comedy whose main character, Roberto, took part in the boat races that take place in the sea of ​​Livorno.
  7. Un’insolita vendemmia (2013). Set on an island where there will be the harvest, it is an unusual comedy between tears and smiles.
  8. The great beauty (2013). Do you remember the final scenes of Sorrentino’s masterpiece, that won the Oscar for best foreign film? They were shot on Giglio Island.

Eight films fimed here to narratel an island with many faces. A destination that you can discover in a very simple way: all you need to do is book a ferry to Giglio island.


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