Giglio Island in one day: your required stops

Giglio Island in one dayOnly one day to visit Giglio Island? It’s a short time to admire a destination full of beautiful places. You only have one day, so you have to do your best, following these useful tips.


How to get to Giglio Island

To get to Giglio Island you have to take one of the ferries leaving from Porto Santo Stefano, capital of the municipality of Portoferraio. The journey takes about an hour. You will get to Giglio Porto, one of Giglio Island localities.


Giglio Porto

The one day trip on the island starts from Giglio Porto. It is a small fishing village that still retains its ancient soul, represented by its ancient center. In the port you can find several boatmen who will take you to visit some of the most beautiful coves, as Cannelle and Caldane.


Giglio Campese

It is nearby Giglio Porto, easily reachable by bus or with your own car. Giglio Campese, where you will spend the afternoon, is recommended if you want to lie on an immaculate beach that extends to a bay, with the stacks on the one hand and Medici Tower on the other.


Giglio Campello

If Giglio Porto has satisfied your desire to visit Giglio Island beaches, then in the afternoon you could visit Giglio Castello. The village lies at 405 meters above sea level. The housing unit is represented by Rocca Aldobrandesca, that gives the name to the village. From here you can enjoy a wonderful view over the whole Giglio Island.


How to move

These are the various ways to visit Giglio Island in one day. How to move once you get to the island? You have two possibilities: embarking a private vehicle on the ferry (such as car or motorcycle) or using the efficient bus service, especially during spring and summer, connecting the various towns on Giglio Island.


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