Secca Zampa di gatto: one of the most beautiful dive sites of Giglio Island

Probably one of your friends, surely a diver, told you about this place. Since Giglio Island is the destination of your next vacation, you want to try it now and see if it is so beautiful. And here you will find all the information to dive at secca Zampa di gatto (literally “Cat’s paw shoal”).


Where it is

Secca Zampa di gatto is on the southeast side of Giglio Island, between punta Torricella and punta Corbaia. Not far, there is cala delle Caldane, one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island, and there are several other coves.

For its particular position, the best place to get to secca Zampa di gatto is Giglio Porto, where ferries to Giglio Island dock.


The diving begins

The seabed of the shoal is made of a long series of buttresses that are parallel to the coast. The shoal and the coast are separated by a wide valley of sand. The diving starts from a small rock that rises from the water and you arrive at a depth of twenty-seven meters.

During this part, you will see gorgonians and sponges. Then, towards the open sea, the seabed is fifty meters deep: the submarine panorama is a succession of submarine peaks and wall inhabited by moray eels, scorpion fishes and lobsters.


Some recommendations

  • Prudence first, always
  • When it’s possible, dive with a friend
  • The equipment must be in good conditions
  • If you are beginners, ask a more experienced friend or a scuba instructor for advice


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