Free beaches in Tuscany: your vacation to Giglio Island

You’d like to spend a vacation. The perfect place for you has lovely beaches and an unforgettable sea. Just as Giglio Island, in Tuscany. But before you book your trip, there is one thing you want to know: which are the free beaches of Giglio Island?


Free beaches

The main beaches of Giglio Island are, in a way, divided into two parts:

  • One part is public
  • Another part is private

So, during your vacation to Giglio Island, you can always choose between public and private beaches.


The most beautiful beaches

And “divided into two parts” (one public and one private) are the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. Especially these 5 sandy beaches:

  • cala dell’Arenella
  • spiaggia delle Cannelle
  • spiaggia di Campese
  • cala delle Caldane


The coves

If for you put on your trekking shoes and hike between the sea and the hills of Giglio Island are not problems, you have another possibility to find free beaches. You could decide to discover (and enjoy) the most beautiful coves of Giglio Island: precious jewels along the indented coastline of the island. Don’t miss cala Pozzarelli and cala dell’Allume.


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