Ferries to Giglio Island: general conditions to bring the animals on board

ferries Giglio Island animals

You cannot imagine spending a holiday without your beloved four-legged friend. And, besides, why should you? Since the next journey will be to Giglio Island, you can rest assured: you can bring dogs, cats and other small pets on the ferries. There are only a few simple rules to be respected.


The conditions of the ferry companies

The main ferry companies that guarantee the connection between Porto Santo Stefano Giglio Island are two: Toremar and Maregiglio. Both allow travellers to bring animals on board but there are specific conditions:

  • Toremar. Pets can get on the Toremar ferries but only with a valid ticket and a valid medical certificate. Specifically for dogs, they must also be fitted with muzzle and held on a leash. Pets can only access external bridges and areas specifically dedicated to them, and cannot enter the lounge. The only exception is represented by guide dogs for the blind: in this case, the animal must not have a ticket and can also access the lounge.
  • Maregiglio. On the ferries of the Maregiglio company, small pets can get on only if placed inside cages/carriers or held on a leash (this last condition is, specifically, to dogs, which must also be fitted with muzzle). In general, animals mustn’t cause damage or inconvenience to other passengers. Furthermore, they cannot access the salons.



Once you have brought it to the island, your four-legged friend will also be able to enjoy some of Giglio’s most beautiful beaches. However, there are some precise limitations regarding, above all, the specific periods of the year (such as summer). On the official website of Isola del Giglio municipality, Comune.isoladelgiglio.gr.it, you can find the most recent bathing water ordinance in which all the necessary information is contained.


…and not only

Because the dog, the cat or any other pet you have brought with you will also be your inseparable companion while:


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/74198089@N02

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