Spending Easter 2016 on Giglio Island: 3 things to do

  • Published: 11-03-2016
  • Category: Events

It’s beautiful to visit throughout the year, from Summer to Spring. But, in your case, you are wondering: why should I spend Easter 2016 on Giglio Island?

Well, the reasons are several. Such as these three.


1. Devotion

The day of Easter is the moment during which the devotion of Giglio Island people reaches its peak. And, as the traditions requires, it is preceded by other important moments:

  • Holy Thursday: In Coena Domini Mass
  • Good Friday: Procession of the Dead Christ
  • Holy Saturday: the solemn Easter Vigil
  • Easter: Holy Mass and procession of the Risen Christ

These are the most important events. Consider that each village of Giglio Island has its own Easter traditions.


2. Rhythm of life

In Winter, Giglio Island is a real paradise: the slow rhythm of daily work and traditions, walks along nature trails, typical events of this time of year. It’s the same during Easter period, when temperatures become pleasant and the island shows itself in all its beauty. It’s an idea for a relaxing vacation, far away from the stress and daily routine.


3. Tastes

During Easter, the sacred meets the profane. The sacred is represented by religious liturgies. The profane is represented by the traditional dishes of the island. Three, in particular: schiaccia, uova sode e frittelle. To stae the true flavor of Easter on Giglio Island.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/sarabrag

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