Fiocchi and castagnole: 2 typical recipes of Carnival on Giglio Island

The culinary specialties of Giglio Island are many. And some of them accompany the most important events of the year. Will your winter holiday on Giglio Island take place during Carnival? So there are these two sweets that you should taste.


1. Castagnole

A traditional recipe of other Italian regions. The ingredients are very simple: flour, sugar, eggs, oil, yeast, lemon rind, salt (just a pinch), a glass of vermouth or Marsala wine to give castagnole a stronger flavor.

The preparation is not complicated: knead the ingredients and make small balls which are then fried in hot oil. When cooked, sprinkle icing sugar on castagnole.


2. Fiocchi fritti

Literally, the name means “fried bows”. They are made with flour, butter, sugar, a glass of wine, eggs. After kneading the ingredients, cut the rolled dough into small strips and “tie” them, just as if they were small bows. The bows are immersed in hot oil and, once fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar.


These two Carnival sweets are easy to prepare but, we can assure you, very tasty. You can prepare them with your own hand. But they will always have a better taste if prepared on Giglio Island.


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