Cala Cupa: relax and dives in Giglio Island

Why every year dozens of visitors choose to admire this Giglio Island’s cove? The attractions of Cala Cupa are mainly two: relaxation and diving. You just have to choose.

The cove – In summer, Cala Cupa is very popular among the many visitors who choose the island of Giglio for their holidays. The cove is almost wild and uncontaminated. There is no type of service, though, then this is not the right place if you travel with kids.

Diving – This is the second reason to reach Cala Cupa. It is a deep and narrow cove which is right under the tower of the Lazaretto, and not far from the town of Giglio Porto. The sight here is made of seagrass meadows, backdrops of white sand, and a rich underwater life. From Giglio Porto several boat trips with dive depart daily.

Getting there – Cala Cupa, as already mentioned, is located a short distance from Giglio Porto. The best way to get there is to book a boat trip: in some case, they will take you for a swim in the cove, while others will also let you dive from the boat. At Giglio Porto you can find all the information you need.


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