50 shades of… Giglio: the only “scandalous” thing is the beauty of the island

The origin of this word pun is really obvious. In this case, there’s nothing embarrassing and E.L. James’ bestseller has little to do with this post. Only the beauty of an island such as Giglio Island that, literally, enchants with its places and views. And you can discover its fifty different shades.

  • The 5 most beautiful beaches. They are cala dell’Arenella, spiaggia delle Cannelle, spiaggia di Campese, cala delle Caldane and cala degli Alberi. These beaches will give you unforgettable views.
  • The 3 main villages: Giglio Porto, on the east coast; Giglio Campese, with its beach and the sea stack; Giglio Castello, ancient medieval village in the heart of the island.
  • The 5 coves to see. Cala dell’Allume, cala Smeraldo, cala Pozzarelli, caletta del Saraceno and cala del Lazzaretto are less-known, small, special.
  • 3 less-known villages: Arenella, near the homonymous beach; villaggio Grotte, along the road from Castello to Campese, enriched by scents and colours of the Mediterranean scrub; Spalmatoio-Ischiaiola, on Giannutri Island.
  • 5 culinary specialties. If you want to spend a really unique holiday, you have to taste (at least) pesce in scaveccio, cacciucco, coniglio alla cacciatora, totani ripieni and panficato.
  • 4 things to see in Giannutri. They are cala dello Spalmatoio beach, cala Maestra beach, the remains of an ancient Roman mansion near cala Maestra, and the lighthouse.
  • 5 trails: punta di Capel Rosso, the southernmost point of the islad; i palmenti, along the road from Giglio Castello to Giglio Campese; the mulattiera Porto-Castello, an ancient mule track; the via dei cavatori, with two caves and several granite rocks; the road from Vaccarecce lighthouse (the so-called “lovers’ lighthouse”) to Scopeto.
  • The 3 lighthouses of Giglio: faro del Fenaio, faro delle Vaccarecce and faro di punta di Capel Rosso.
  • The 5 towers. Torre del Saraceno, torre del Campese, torre del Lazzaretto, castellare del Giglio and forte della Scoperta are the stages of a very peculiar itinerary to visit Giglio Island.
  • 3 less-known places: piazza della Rocca, in Giglio Castello, with the imposing Rocca aldobrandesca fortress; chiesa di San Pietro, in Giglio Castello, that hosts the relics of San Mamiliano; the remains of a Roman murenario (a stone tank used for eel farming).
  • The 4 traditional events. During the festa di San Lorenzo (on August 10th in Giglio Porto), the festa di San Rocco (on August 16th in Giglio Campese), the festa di San Mamiliano (on September 15th in Giglio Castello) and the Festa dell’uva e delle cantine aperte (in late September), you can live the traditions of this island.
  • The 5 most beautiful lagends. Such as San Mamiliano, the dragon, the beautiful Marsilia, the treasure of Monte Cristo: five stories to fall in love with Giglio Island.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/gioanola

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