Ticket Delivery

You can choose to receive your ferry tickets for the Isola del Giglio via:

  • ticket delivery by e-mail (requires all documentation to be printed and the programme Acrobat Reader to read the PDF documents) – at no additional charge
  • ticket delivery by post – for an additional charge

Ticket delivery by email is the default option because is it doubtlessly the most convenient and fastest method. You will be sent an email with the ferry tickets to the Isola del Giglio that you have booked and the maritime company’s general terms and conditions in the shortest time possible. We would like to remind you that delivery is free and that you will need to print all the documents and present them at boarding. The attachments are your original travel documents and so you will not need to go to the ticket office.

You can choose delivery by post in step three; you will need to pay an additional fee at this stage of booking. In this case, you will need to enter all the details and the precise address where you want to receive the documents. If there are not enough days between when you make the booking and the departure date for the tickets to arrive, the system will not offer this option and so it might not be available. If the shipping and documents office considers this is a risk, you may be contacted to decide on the best solution together.