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Giglio Island in winter

Holiday on Giglio Island in winter: the 7 things to do

Giglio Island is not just sea, coast and beaches. It is a destination to visit and discovered throughout the year. And even in winter there are many things to do. For a holiday enriched by uncontaminated nature, total relaxation, and ancient traditions.   1. Villages They are Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese. The […]

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Giglio Island autumn: 3 places

Giglio Island: trip tips for a journey in low season

The Giglio Island is always a great idea of travel: uncontaminated nature and crystal clear sea. Appreciated and appetizing destination, especially in low season. Here are 5 tips to enjoy your journey in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations.   The double face of the island The Giglio Island has a double soul. If […]

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Giglio Island tours

Holidays on Giglio Island: 3 great tours

The situation is this: when you go on holiday, you don’t like the “canonical” itineraries but you prefer do-it-yourself journey, and discover the most beautiful places of the chosen destination. And since you’ve chosen Giglio Island as your next destination, we can suggest three different tours.   1. The tour of the coves For many, […]

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short trip idea in 2017: Giglio Island

A short trip to Giglio Island in 2017: there are 3 things to do

The reasons to visit Giglio Island are so many. Now, we want to give three in particular. Very, very good reasons to plan a short 2017 trip in spring to this beautiful island of the Tuscan Archipelago.   1. Relaxation A short trip to Giglio Island in spring means no crowds of tourists, lower prices […]

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Easter Monday in Italy: Giglio Island

Easter Monday on Giglio Island, Italy: 3 ideas to spend this day

In Italy, it’s a real tradition: Easter Monday must be dedicated to a pleasant one-day short trip. And, this year, you are considering to spend this day on Giglio Island, nice to see even in spring. Well, we have three different ideas among which you can choose to plan your trip in the best way. […]

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A weekend on Giglio Island: five must-see destinations

Giglio, a small beautiful island of the Tuscan Archipelago, is the perfect place for a weekend of sea, sun and relax. You can visit it all in a few days. All you have to do is rent a bike or a vehicle, and start your quest to discover its most distinctive and interesting attractions from […]

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