Terms and conditions

Every shipping company has different terms and conditions, so we always advise our customers to read the conditions of the maritime company they are booking with carefully; these condition will be shown during stage three of the booking process and are attached to the tickets. We would like to remind you that all passengers, even if they have booked, should turn up to the boarding area at least an hour before departure (or more, see company conditions) at the risk of losing the place on the ferry to the Isola del Giglio assigned during booking. Below are various links with the general terms and conditions of the companies and of Traghetti Per Giglio. You will in any case be shown these conditions during stage three of booking.

Toremar – Terms and condition

Maregiglio – Terms and condition

Giglio Landing Tax

A landing tax of one euro per person arriving on the Isola del Giglio or the Isola di Giannutri from Porto Santo Stefano via shipping companies operating specified routes was instituted on the Isola del Giglio in 2012. The tax is calculated into the ticket price by the shipping companies. Residents, students, and commuters, as well as members of the immediate family of persons who have paid the IMU municipal tax in the municipality and who are equated with residents, the shipping company staff who work on ships serving the route, healthcare and emergency medical personnel, personnel who transport deceased persons, and police and fire-fighting staff are all exempt. If you belong to one of the exempt categories, you can submit an exception application in duplicate, to be filled in, counter-signed, and sent to us.

Vehicle access limitation

Also in 2012, the municipality of the Isola del Giglio introduced a limitation on vehicles in circulation during the month of August (for 2012, the period of limitation was from the 30/07 to the 24th of August). Anyone who is not a permanent resident on Giglio and who wants to take their car or other motor vehicle can only do so on payment of €15 to the Municipality of the Isola del Giglio by postal order or bank transfer, the reason for payment of which must specify the number plate and name of the owner. A copy of the payment must be shown to public officials on request. We recommend you make certain of updates to the period of limitation and the amount to be paid.

  • Postal current account: no. 106583
  • Bank current account – Banca MPS – IBAN: IT40Z0103072260000000026249