Porto Santo Stefano

The town of Porto Santo Stefano is a historic inhabited centre of Roman origins that bears many signs of the different periods of dominion; but the one that has left the biggest mark is the Spanish dominion, from which time the fortifications still stand. The town has two separate ports: the Porto Vecchio, which is now used as a tourist port, and the Porto del Valle, which is the main port of the province of Grosseto.

Over the last two hundred years, this port has developed as a valid and more sheltered alternative to the Porto Vecchio and is divided into three different sectors: touristic, shipbuilding, and commercial. The commercial part is dedicated to the fishing fleet (the largest in the province) and to docks for the ferries to the island. In fact, in the centre of the port are the wharves of the two shipping companies that operate connections via ferries to the Isola del Giglio and Giannutri.