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Giglio Island lighthouse

The Lovers’ Lighthouse: a journey to a romantic island

The charm of the sea. Immersed in a pine forest that almost seems to inspire intimacy. While looking at the horizon, in the company of their own half. Giglio island is a deeply romantic place. As well as its lighthouse, known as the “lighthouse of lovers”.   The Vaccarecce lighthouse This is the old lighthouse […]

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Giglio Island villages

Holiday on Giglio island: the 3 villages to visit

Three villages, three inevitable stages of a trip to Giglio island: small and picturesque villages, overlooking the sea or perched on the heights, with their quiet atmospheres, beautiful beaches at your fingertips and a story to tell.   What to see Giglio Porto. Small, picturesque, with its characteristic multicolored houses that overlook the sea: this […]

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Giglio Island autumn: 3 places

The Island of Giglio in autumn: 3 places that are simply magical

In autumn, the island of Giglio hold a special fascination: slow rhythms, tranquility, suggestive atmospheres. Are you planning a visit this season? Then, there are three simply magical places that will give that extra touch to your little vacation.   1. Capel Rosso point It’s the southern point of the Giglio Island. From Giglio Campese, […]

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pink beach Italy: Giglio Island

Holidays on Giglio Island, Italy: this is the pink beach

When you say “pink beach”, the first place that comes to your mind is Sardinia and the (wonderful) Budelli Island. But there is another pink beach and is located just off the Tuscan coast. On Giglio Island, to be precise. It’s the beach of Campese, one of the five most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island. […]

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the colours of Giglio Island

The 4 colours of Giglio Island: the nuances of a perfect holiday

How many ways there are to describe a place? Several, obviously. And to describe Giglio Island, we have chosen a very peculiar way: its colours. Because this island is a real masterpiece. Blue. It’s the colour of the wonderful sea of Giglio Island. And sea means, inevitably, beaches, such as Arenella and Campese. If the […]

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Alternative routes: 5 wild beaches on Giglio Island

A different route to see the 5 most beautiful wild beaches of the island of Giglio where you can abandon yourself to total relaxation, snorkeling and swimming in crystal clear waters. The discovery begins here. Cala del Lazzaretto: a small bay near the Lazzaretto tower, built in ‘700 for those who came from abroad and was […]

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Giglio Island: 4 little known (but really wonderful) beaches

If we talk about the beauty and the sea and of the coastline, Giglio Island in Summer is one of the best Mediterranean tourist destinations. Moreover, you well know it since you will spend here your next Summer holidays. There is only one, small thing: don’t expect to be alone, especially on the most beautiful […]

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