How to book ferries for Giglio

On the booking page for ferries to the Isola del Giglio, enter the details of the passengers and vehicles to continue to the estimate. You can choose whether to book just the outbound journey or the outbound and return journeys. Furthermore, to have a precise estimate, you will need to enter the day/s of departure, the number of adults, any children (from 4 to 11 years old) and/or infants (from 0 to 3 years old). A drop-down menu will help you choose and correctly enter the model of the car, and thus the exact length of your vehicle, if you are taking one on board. If your car is not included in the list, you can simply enter the vehicle according to its length bracket.

The system is connected in real time with the companies offering ferries to the Isola del Giglio, which means it is always updated in real time and only shows the lines that are currently operating, and thus where you can still reserve a place suitable for your vehicle. Furthermore, the system also features a drop-down menu to add a ticket for a trailer, if you have one.

Click on “search” and in a few second you will be shown a user-friendly screen where, to make things easier for our customers, we show the day and time of departure for the various lines, the duration of the crossing, the exact company, and the relevant cost. To the right, under the heading “Rate”, you’ll see any pricing restrictions; you can find out more details about this by reading the terms and conditions of the relevant company, which can be viewed at stage three of the booking process. Choosing the route you want is simple: just click on the select button that corresponds to the route and press “Continue”. In step three, you will be asked to enter the details of the passengers and choose between the numerous payment methods offered by the system. You can also decide whether or not to take out insurance against journey cancellation fees for a small charge.