Ferries Island of Giannutri: information and connections with the island of Giglio

The island of Giannutri, a short distance from the island of Giglio, is the southernmost of the Tuscan archipelago and also among the youngest. Near the port of Giannutri, where leave ferries for Giglio, is located Cala Spalmatoio and Cala Maestra.

The port of Giannutri is connected to Porto Santo Stefano and Giglio Porto by the shipping companies Toremar and Maregiglio, which ensure regular departures in both winter and summer, with rides from 8:30 to 18:00.

How to buy a ticket to Corsica from the port of Giannutri

You can buy your ticket from the port of Giannutri through our online booking system: simply fill in all the fields of our online booking system, compare prices and timetables and complete your purchase.

Tickets will be spent by mail (printable tickets) or sent directly to the house via regular mail.

For any need call our call center 0565960130, active from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00.

Companies for the Port of Giannutri

  • Toremar;
  • Maregiglio.

How to reach the port of Giannutri

The port of Giannutri is accessible exclusively by ferry. In fact, there are no driveways, airports or railway lines.

Address of the Port of Giannutri

The address of the port of Giannutri is 58019 Isola del Giglio (GR).

Car parks

It is not possible to board cars on ferries to the port of Giannutri.

Port services

The port of Giannutri is part of the only town of the island, called institutionally Spalmatoio-Ischiaiola, composed of some houses, the main square and houses scattered throughout the territory of the island. Here, you can find different services such as bars, restaurants and holiday homes.

The history of the port

Inhabited occasionally already during the Bronze Age, it was during the time of ancient Rome that Giannutri lived its moment of maximum splendour: was realized the port and a villa whose remains, still today, tell of a great and lavish structure that It was to be the property of the wealthy patrician family of Enobarbi.

After the Roman era, Giannutri remained uninhabited for many centuries (also because it was indefensible against pirate raids). This particular has allowed its nature to remain uncontaminated.

In 1800, when it came under the domination of the French in the Napoleonic period, was built the fort of discovery, of which however there remains no trace.

In 1861, entering the island to be part of the Kingdom of Italy, on Giannutri was built the flagship lighthouse of Capel Rosso, at the southern end of Giannutri.

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